37 Healthy Issues That Become Infinitely More Delicious After A Break Up | Autostraddle

37 Fabulous Issues That Become Infinitely Even More Healthy After A Breakup | Autostraddle

37 Delicious Issues That Become Infinitely More Delicious After A Breakup

1. Avocado still inside skin with a spoon

2. Boxed drink

3. Peanut butter dipped in candy potato chips on a spoon

4. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

5. Raw cookie money

6. Banana with natural peanut butter

7. Pirate’s Butt

8. Starbursts

9. Mac ‘n mozzarella cheese

10. Animal crackers

11. Sweet chili Cheetos

12. Cheez-its

13. Frosties

14. Mini snickers

15. Pei Wei noodles and sauce

16. Cereal

17. Kettle corn

18. investor Joe’s pinot grigio

19. Gin

20. Brownie batter

21. Annie’s shells

22. Icing out of a can

23. Buttered noodles

24. Otter Pops

25. Instant pudding

26. Microwavable chicken pot pie

27. Chipwiches

28. Ice cream cake

29. Phish meals

30. Homemade nutty buddy/puppy chow

31. Cupcakes with cookie dough inside

32. Macaroni and cheese cheeseburger

33. Tiny Debbie regular desserts

34. investor Joes mini peanut butter glasses through the fridge

35. The Trader Joes chocolate processor dunkable cookies, probably labeled as Dunkers or Chippers

36. Alcoholic milkshakes from Cheesecake Manufacturing Plant

37. Half the eating plan at Cheesecake Factory

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Lizz is a consumer, lover and author of everything take tradition in addition to Fashion/Style Editor at Autostraddle.com. She actually is additionally fulltime health student at Brown college in Providence, RI. You’ll find her on
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57 Reviews

  1. Allison

    I would like to add to this list:

    38. Tequila

    39. another person’s mouth area

    Bender any person?

  2. We think…everything? Every thing tastes better because meals is a lot better than pain.

    Every little thing except her favored food i am talking about.

    But her favored meals had been gross first off.

    • how much does it state about myself that when i look at this record my personal first idea had been, « well if you’re experiencing really self-loathing, you will want to probably make all of your current ex’s favorite foods… » yeah. I am That Girl in a break-up. sigh.

  3. 41. If you’re Dutch, the large chocolate brown letter J you were gonna give this lady for Feast of St. Nicolas (Sinterklaas), melted down making into candy berries to be enjoyed together with your bestie while you’re watching Buffy. They tasted like vengeance and social pride.

    In addition I second the tequila.

  4. I Recently need certainly to claim that, ahem, « unique » brownies can perform wonders…..

  5. 42. All beverages above 40per cent ABV

  6. no. 3 – indeed! Now I’m able to delight in my personal unusual little snack in serenity and without view.

    Also #18 – no problem with many three money chuck. Even if you’re ingesting it alone. While sewing. And seeing Downton Abbey.

  7. 43. Handfuls of high-sugar morning meal cereal, straight-out on the package.

  8. In the morning I the only one whom completely manages to lose their cravings for something after some slack upwards?

    • Notice, hear.

      My personal break-ups frequently be unintentional programs in accident dieting. icon sad 37 Healthy Issues That Become Infinitely More Delicious After A Break Up | Autostraddle

    • you are not alone. I usually think nauseous after some slack up. I destroyed 20 pounds this finally bypass. Perhaps it would be various in the event the break up ended up being anything i needed.

    • You might be certainly perhaps not alone. I hardly take in anything for a few weeks because You will find zero cravings. Subsequently my food cravings comes back and I also consume all things in view.

    • oh god yes, missing like 25 pounds finally summer and all of my personal family members ever considered myself for 2 several months was such as « why are you currently thus skinny? right understand it’s maybe not healthier?? EAT EVEN MORE CHILD! » and after while no one commented on my weight any longer, thus I suppose i’ve gathered almost everything right back now…

    • I do this. I didn’t eat for more than each week after my previous two break-ups, apart from the sporadic rice cake or creamy soups for the reason that it was the one and only thing I could keep down without sickness. Though i possibly could hold down whiskey no problem, interestingly enough.

    • Calice

      Definitely – zero food cravings. I believe the thinnest i have actually already been post-puberty involved per month or two after my final separation. In addition constantly had a headache cause that is what takes place when I skip meals.

    • Cat

      Hello! I’m 5kgs lighter than I became in March. Though #1,3 & 19 have actually absolutely got their times, and if we had cheesecake factory right here I think 36 might have as well.

    • amen, cousin! I proceed through a weeklong bender of eating absolutely nothing and consuming beer. With this current break-up though, In My Opinion I Ought To offer those yummy alcoholic milkshakes a try…

  9. spaghetti and ketchup for a week.

    therefore terrible, yet so excellent.

  10. This is a good listing! I would like to include: pricey burgandy or merlot wine the cousin requests for his birthday dinner which you drink most of as you are outrageous with melancholy

  11. Nothing of this relates to myself since I have never had a rest with anybody. icon sad 37 Healthy Issues That Become Infinitely More Delicious After A Break Up | Autostraddle But a few of these are good.


  12. All of this. I can practically feel the shame glaze (1 part sweating, 2 areas ice cream/popcorn residue), imagining the intake of said products, nestled in a futon, viewing HGTV endlessly.

  13. I have a pal exactly who we are convinced offered herself an ulcer by just eating chips and salsa for each week post-break-up.

  14. I wish to retitle this post… « 37 (and) Delicious issues that Become Infinitely A lot more Fabulous ALWAYS »

  15. Abbey

    # 7. Oh, #7 – absolutely a bar also known as Pirate’s where i am at uni, and BELIEVE ME ON THIS, Pirate’s booty is always fantastic after a breakup…

  16. Lanie

    CARBS> i will be keen on breakfast very usually I drown my personal sorrows at I-HOP.

  17. i have a tendency to get addicted to takeout post-breakup. nothing can beat wearing sweatpants for hours on end and not having to go out purchase actual meals. cupcakes from elegant bakeries are great also.

  18. I buy my self boxed chocolate and spit from people I don’t like, all while dressed in long johns and experiencing hearsay on plastic. For days.

  19. Increase this record:

    1. Nutella directly from jar

    2. Buffalo chicken plunge from Eat’n Park

  20. Diana

    Understanding a macaroni and cheese cheeseburger? Does such a thing really are present into the real-world?

  21. Molly

    If you’ve never ever dated any person, i suppose you would have never had a break-up. I believe the vast majority of meals right here tends to make me personally fat, and that I’m currently unattractive.

  22. pinot grigio and cigarettes.


  23. I’d no clue that The Cheesecake Factory ended up selling alcoholic milkshakes nowadays i have to discover one. (cc: riese, marni)

  24. Peppermint schnapps? (right from the package in case you are really experiencing down…)

  25. Zaine

    Personally, there was clearly nothing like the most important strip of bacon after splitting up with a kosher veggie.

  26. I absolutely do not suggest to be thus English, but, beverage. Large amounts.

  27. – a complete field of Ding Dongs

    – Cheez-its dipped in Nutella consumed with my blank hands.

  28. gummy bears and popcorn. Mostly because if we toss the gummy bears at the tv they will stick.

  29. Michelle

    I’ve in fact lost 10 weight since I have left my girl in june. Constantly happens to me after a break up. Never crave food anyway.

  30. i’m merely planning leave this here…

  31. Or likely to a Tegan & Sara show, and connecting with Tegan!…

  32. …went towards show, but merely have got to consider the attention sweets. icon sad 37 Healthy Issues That Become Infinitely More Delicious After A Break Up | Autostraddle

  33. Dude, you are not all right. Just as well as beverages flavor better?!

    You much better go out and discover activities to do besides eating and ingesting

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